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POWERHOUSE Mortgage Advisory


POWERHOUSE MORTGAGE ADVISORY SDN BHD is a professional Mortgage Advisory for Residential and Commercial Mortgages. We are assist our clients to manage their debt, reduce the interest cost and ultimately help our clients to own their property in the shortest time possible by to assist clients in exploring the various alternatives to evaluate the cost and benefit of each mortgage loan before arriving at the optimal solution.

Home Financing here is tailor made according to your financial standings. We help client to review credit report and reduce commitment on cash flow, eventually help client start wealth accumulation. Ultimately help client to grow asset by leverage liability.

1 Credit Report Analysis MYR 300.00
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Credit Report Analysis is base on Credit report in central bank of Malaysia.

Here client have to print credit report in Bank Negagra in respective state, Income tax submission, Monthly Bank Statement current Account and Saving Account, Latest Manage Account as well.

From the info provided, I can interview client and help how to reduce current commitment and pay less interest and got more cash flow.

Healthy cash flow client can help on accumulate wealth creation.

Read Below To See What Our Customers Are Already Saying......

0% interest loan

I'm business owner that managing business from production, supply chain, till today retail outlet. Most of the financial quarter need extra working capital for expansion of the business. POWERHOUSE MORTGAGE ADVISORY introduce 10-12months 0% interest cash refinancing. After 6months using of the services, my business growth can start have extra cash to remodel the business to an incorporated private limited with better financial standing for tax planning. Hence, now most of the client and distributor is needed this services to increase financial cash flow from the credit line.

Sand Chan

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